Friday, December 21, 2007

Carter vs. McRoberts

Holly McRoberts, a respectable chess player in New Mexico, is willing to let me challenge her to a match. There are no details yet as to how many rounds but I'm assuming there will be at the minimum, 3 rounds. She's a strong player who, in my eyes and in the eyes of many others, is highly underrated. I hope I fair well against such a strong opponent. I'll keep ya posted with more details soon!


Polly said...

Welcome to the knights. I have not made such a commitment myself. You will see me listed as a friend of the knights on some the various knight blogs.

I will now put on my teacher hat. ( I wear many of them in chess.) 1st of all don't freak over a provisional rating based on one game. Your rating will bounce all over the place for your first 25 games. Also don't be bummed out because you lost to a player that you've beaten a lot in unrated games.

A tournament game at a slow time limit is a whole different animal then blitz, or a slow casual game. People do stuff in blitz or casual games that they would not do in a tournament game. Also a tournament is a new experience for you, so it's possible that played some part in your losing. Experience counts. :-)

(Teacher hat off, TD hat on.) I don't want to rain on your parade, but you will not be able to play a rated match until you have an established rating. So any match that you might be able to play with Holly will have to be unrated. Don't let that discourage you. If she's willing to play you under tournament conditions it's excellent training.

Good luck with the circles!

Sir Nemo said...


Thank you for the response! I did not know that I couldn't participate in a rated match with a provisional. Thanks for the info on that. I will take your advice and still play McRoberts in tournament conditions for training purposes. Thanks once again!

Glenn Wilson said...

To add to what Polly said, I also seem to recall that to play a rated match you have to be within 400 rating points of each other. I should go look that up ....ok, I just did:

Both players have ratings, and their differential is less than 400 points

But, as Polly suggests, you can play an unrated "training match."