Monday, December 17, 2007


Well yesterday I had my first rated long game (G/85+5s delay). I was playing a player with a rating of 1180 who I've played, and destroyed, many times over the chessboard as many chess players would do with such a low rated player. I will admit I'm not used to long time controls yet and maybe that had something to do with my loss. I blundered away a pawn out of the opening on the black side of the Sacilian Najdorf and went into an endgame with two rooks, a bishop, and 4 pawns to his two rooks, a knight, and 5 pawns. I was playing well until I fell for the classic knight fork and he picked up a rook for free. I sadly tipped my King over and shook his hand and literally almost cried at such a defeat. I feel really disgusted with myself for not following everything I've been learning with my lessons at the ICS. I wasn't questioning myself, or my opponent. I was playing slapdick chess. Moving pieces around with no real goal. I guess I just need to get used to the whole feel of a tournament game before I actually start getting better results.

On a side note, go Gata Kamsky! w00t!

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