Sunday, December 30, 2007

New beginnings

I've taken a break from chess this Christmas season due to busy scheduling, family, and other emotional(and physical) changes that are going on. First and foremost, I'd like to say that I'm now engaged! I popped the big question Christmas Eve in front of my whole family. It was a beautiful moment in time and we've set a date: March 29, 2008. I'm very excited for this! At first we were going to wait till after the baby was born, but we've come to the conclusion that it would be better for the baby and for us, to get married before he/she is born.

Also, thanks to the help of the Microsoft Outlook 2007's Calender, I've got every single day planned out for the first circle of the Seven Circles. Today is my official first day of the Seven Circles(being that i've started over due to going too quickly through the problems). I've done the suggested 33 problems today. I game myself an hour to finish the 33 problems; I told myself I would take longer to try to figure out the solutions to the problems but I found they were just too easy. I solved all 33 problems in 5 minutes, 47 seconds with 98% accuracy. I think I've done quite well for the first day! Now it's time to study my material from the International Chess School(with which I've also decided to start over to get a more structured study plan).

My wife-to-be has also been kind enough to buy me "Just The Facts!" by GM Lev Alburt as my Christmas gift. I may have to adjust my study schedule to fit this book in! For those who are unaware of the book, it's an endgame book with new revolutionary visual teaching techniques (highlighted material, different colored diagrams, etc). I look forward to using this book very soon being that I love endgame studies!

Under the influence of several Knights, I've added my current rating status on the toolbar to the right for those of you who are actually interested in my progress.

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