Saturday, January 5, 2008

First week over!

So I've finished my first week of the Seven Circles program. I feel very accomplished and full of confidence. I know it's only one week but I've already seen improvement in my play. I'm seeing simple Queen forks in my real games that I would have never seen without the training. I did 33 problems for everyday this last week and I gave myself an hour each day to finish them all but I've yet to exceed 25 minutes so I'm doing pretty good. My percentage rate for "Problems with level difficulty 10" was 91%. Not too bad!

My chess training schedule is pretty intensive for a working 21 year old who's also planning a wedding and getting ready for his baby to be born. Every night I start with 5-10 minutes of board visualization training techniques. Then I do my tactics training. Afterwards I allocate 30 minutes of my time learning a new variation of my favorite openings, which is working great btw! After my study of openings, I give myself about an hour for studying theory. I just started this schedule this last Sunday and believe me, my chess understanding and ability have improved so much! Here are several of my achievements in the past week:
  • My rating has gone up from 1475 to 1494 which I had to beat two 1600+ rated players to get!
  • I have two accounts; one of which has the rating 1499, and the other 1568.
  • My Pogo rating has gone from 1668 to 1927! (Based on G/10)
I'm very pleased with these results, so with that I pat myself on the back. That's all for now :)

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Chessaholic said...

nice progress - keep at it!

btw, congrats on your engagement!