Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby nemo is here!

Well the fiancee (and myself) went through 13 hours of labor yesterday and the little monster was born at 5:36pm and weighed in at 7lbs, 8oz.

Brandon Jay Carter is his name and he's basically awesome. I am very overwhelmed with the excitement, joy, and love a father has for his child once it's finally here in the world.

That's about as good an update as it's going to get right now. I have to go back to the hospital to be with the mamma and baby.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm still alive.

Hello fellow Knights! Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I'm still alive and breathing. To be honest with you, I have lost a lot of interest in chess as of late due to lack of motivation and some poor results I've been having in tourneys. I feel like I'm not getting the right return on investment with my time when I study chess. I'll spend 4-5 hours a day studying the game, only to get my butt handed to me in Round 2 of a tourney to some 11 year old player rated 1113. That's pretty demoralizing lol.

Don't take me the wrong way, I still play and love playing. I've just been losing interest in the study time I should be giving it. I've also been struggling finding a real job and thank God for poker or I woulnd't even have any kind of income at the moment. I'm supposed to be starting a new job next Monday which is going to be awesome! This is the longest I've gone without a real job and it's really hurt me and my fiance financially. Speaking of which, she's due next Friday which means this little one is gonna pop outta there any time now! That's very exciting for me, as I've always wanted a son and now I get one!

I will also be going back to school this next semester for a couple Fire Science classes and to get back into shape so I can go to the Fire Academy next spring. I really hope I can become a Fireman. The hours are perfect for a family man, which is exactly what I wish to be. It's something like 48 hours on shift, 4 days off. How perfect would that be for work hours? I already know what you're thinking, and I agree: Those are awesome work hours to give someone who wishes to study chess hardcore the perfect opportunity to do so! And that's exactly what I want to do on my days off; Study chess and play poker.

I promise I'll do my best to get back into the game and get my account back up and going. I'm sure my rating has dropped like crazy on there but that's what happens when you forget about something.

Sir Augusto: Thanks for writing me on my poker blog. It's nice to hear from you man. Hopefully we can get some good games in soon!

likesforests: Thanks for checking up on me as well mate. The job hunt has been difficult but I hope it's under control now.