Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm still here!

Sorry havent posted in awhile fellow Knights! To answer the general question: Baby nemo is doing just great! Fatherhood is wonderful. I never imagined the amount of joy a child could bring to a person's life.

In other news, havent played much chess as most of you know I've been a little more interested in poker lately. I can't say it's been spectacular but it has been going quite well. Been really pwning the tournaments at local casinos. Biggest score was $3200 at the Paris in Vegas. Buy in was $350. Not too shabby!

I'm ready to play a little bit of chess! Let me know if any of you are available on!


likesforests said...

Glad to hear fatherhood is going well. My second is coming very soon. :)

BlunderProne said...

As a father of seven, may your journey be blessed.

I play on ICC a lot as Blunderprone. I don't play much on though I dopplegang the history posts there.

Best wishes.

damourax said...

Hey Nemo!
Let's play some chess at!

I'm glad to see that you doin' fine on poker.
Best of luck!

And post more often :P

FICGS / Chess said...

Hi Nemo... I only play at FICGS, too many noise on :) What is your rating ?

chess sets and boards said...

pwning people at poker just isn't quite the same as pwning people at chess, know what I mean?

Congrats on the poker winnings though!