Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1st Annual Summer Solstice Showdown

Well the tournament came and went... as did my confidence! I lost my first three rounds and had a solid winning game in the last round only to blow it and manage a draw.

I must say however, I've learned quite a bit from analyzing these games away from the computer. I have not had the chance to put these annotations in chessbase yet, mostly due to me wanting to spend my time on study and not so much on data entry.

 I learned a lot about myself as a chess player this past weekend. Mostly that my thought process is far from perfect. I found myself second-guessing myself quite a bit. I often found in after-game analysis that my original plans in the games were actually correct but I was afraid of carrying them out OTB. This is something I need to drastically iron out before this weekend's tournament.

 Although I didn't do so hot in the main event, I managed to perform quite well in the blitz tournament on Saturday night. I know what you're thinking, it's just blitz but it still made it a little more worth it for someone in my position :P

Anyways I'll keep this post short and sweet so I can focus on studying for the tournament this weekend.

Feel free to completely tear me a new one in the comments :] also I accept any personal bashings for throwing Game 4 away. I should have had the point but I played terribly entering the endgame. Oh well :x

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